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Gouache Illustrations

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lots of cute dogs by andsmilestudio

In the last year I started to use gouache more and more in my work. And even though I enjoy painting with watercolours and digitally, the work I like the most lately was produced using gouache.

And for a while now I was thinking how can I offer my gouache illustrations as commissions & portraits. It's a bit trickier because not many changes can be made to gouache paintings. It requires a customer to trust me and my style, which is exciting and a little scary. But I really wanted to give it a go & create more diverse work for my lovely customers (at the moment I was offering only portraits). I'm trying it out now, yay! I created a listing so if you want a gouache portrait then it's easier to order and then if you want something special, I am so happy to hear from you and looking forward to painting something unique! :)